71 Nyhavn Hotel

Adresas: Nyhavn 71, Copenhagen, Danija
Rajonas: 1051
Kambarių skaičius: 130


+45 33436200

Kalbame: Anglų Norvegų

In a walking distance from royal cultural heritage, shopping and restaurants. You cannot only sense the spirit of the place when you stay at 71 Nyhavn Hotel, but also when you move outside the hotel. We highly recommend you to take a stroll along Nyhavn, which surrounds you with the narrow, artistic houses that stand, side by side, as coloured pencils in an unfolded case on one side and the light rocking boats on the other side.
If our walls could talk, they would tell you stories about hard working seamen, clattering coins, and sacks of exotic spices. Even though the walls of our old warehouse cannot put the life of Nyhavn through two centuries in words, you still get an explicit feeling of the presence of history. As a guest at 71 Nyhavn Hotel, you can look forward to an exclusive hotel stay and wake up beneath grained beams of Pomeranian pinewood that runs, side by side, in our preserved buildings. The accommodate 130 newly renovated rooms within three luxurious room categories that furthermore in are placed in The Yellow Warehouse and The Red Warehouse. No matter what you choose, you get a breakfast included with your stay.

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